Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Ron Paul Beyond Words

A Holiday Gift: Ron Paul Beyond Wordsby James Tiscione

Ever since they were young, I have encouraged my children to be independent thinkers, reminding them that my political and religious views are just one man’s opinion. As a way to cultivate their free thinking, the only rule I insisted upon was that they must consider and evaluate all points of view. In this way, they themselves can decide what opinions to adopt, what to dismiss and ultimately how to create a world view as individual as they are.Every birthday and holiday my daughter, a successful graphic artist, poses the same question to me, asking “what present would I like?” Usually I request the same thing; either something from her portfolio or one of her elaborate custom greeting cards featuring a caricature of me. But this year, she took the initiative, drawing inspiration from the numerous conversations we have had about the Ron Paul Revolution, and created a visual statement of his message, one we both firmly believe in. I need not explain more, for the essence of what she has captured in this portrait of Ron Paul speaks volumes.I extend my humble gratitude to my daughter Leah Tiscione for sharing her incredible talent and by giving me the most precious gift of all…her love…and allowing me to share this year’s holiday gift with everyone. About the artist: visit http://leahtiscione.com/


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